Tips & Tricks

Tips on growing a healthy family:

1. Get Kids Involved
Having your kids help to shop for and prepare food will expand the food they eat. It will also help them take on more responsibility around what they are eating and feel good about the food they eat.

2. Lead by example
The most influential role model in your child’s life is you. Eat and serve healthy food, don’t crash diet, accept your own body image, don’t judge others, and exercise yourself and with your family.

3. Take responsibility
Teach your kids to take responsibility for themselves, their eating, exercise and behavior. If you teach your children why it’s important to eat healthy food and how it can help their body grow and stay healthy, your child will be more willing to eat the healthy food you prepare them.

4. Start a health plan
Enjoy healthy delicious food. The more you can cook at home, the more you and your kids will be eating healthy food. Follow the MyPlate guidelines and make half your plate fruits and vegetables. Exercise regularly by yourself and with your family. Emphasize the importance of being healthy rather than losing weight.

5. Praise – Kids need praise!
Place value on their achievements, talents, skills and personality characteristics. Teach children about nutrition and how to make good food choices for themselves and praise their good decisions.

6. Do it Together
Go for a walk, clean the house or play outside as a family. Being active can be more fun if you’re doing it together. Have family dinners together as often as possible. This is a great way to enjoy a home-cooked healthy meal, talk about their day, and be together as a family.