Eating Whole Foods

What are Whole Foods?
Whole foods are foods in their original form, the way they come from plants & animals. Here we can talk about the difference between whole foods and processed foods and the why it’s important to eat whole foods. When we eat real, we are eating food right from nature or close to how they came from nature.

When we eat “whole foods” we are getting the nutrients that come right from nature as nature intended. Eating a variety of ‘whole foods’ gives us the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to grow and be healthy. When we “eat real”, we are taking care of our bodies and maintaining our health.

Processed Foods
Processed means that it has been changed from its original form. Most processed foods start with ingredients from nature, but then they are changed, sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Give examples here.

Talk about what is added to processed foods (sugar and fat) that are not good for our bodies. I don’t want this to be preachy towards only eating whole foods. We should say that it is ok to eat processed foods as long as we are getting the vitamins and minerals our bodies need to grow and stay healthy.

Good for The Earth Too
Eating real is also good for the earth. Foods that are whole, or close to whole, use less energy because they are not extensively processed and often have no or minimal packaging.

Links to pages that have recipes that are mostly made from whole foods.

Links to terms & definitions and a better understanding of whole foods.