Healthy Kids Day at the Kent County YMCA

IMG_3524Wow!! What a great event! For those who don’t know about it or weren’t able to make it, the YMCA holds a Healthy Kids Day event every year to encourage children and families to learn ways to become healthier through physical activity and healthy eating. Kids Day was help on Saturday, April 27th from 10am-2pm. Check out our booth in the slideshow on the WPRI local news page!!

I could not have been happier with how the event went. We had kids build a rainbow of fruits and vegetables to snack on. The kids seemed to love it! Some kids tried some new foods and were surprised to like them! It was great to see. We ran out of some popular colors like blue blueberries and orange cantaloupe, and came home with a lot of green celery, but even with a few colors left towards the end, we still had people coming back for more.

IMG_3527We also had a station for kids to learn to peel and chop a cucumber. It was great to see their little hands at work, with kids as little as 3 years old giving it a try. I was so impressed with their ability to jump in a try something new. Many parents were excited to have new little helpers in the kitchen.

Thank you to the Kent County YMCA for having us and giving us such a great spot. We were centrally located right in the main lobby which helped us gain exposure.

A big thank you to my 2 interns, Bailey and Claudine, who were paramount in the success of the day. I could not have done it without them!! And of course to my husband, Matt, who stayed up with me all night chopping fruits and vegetables for the big day!!

What a great day! We got some great feedback and overall it was a huge success for the growth of Sprouts!