Food Day’s Curriculum

IMG_2637This program is a 5 week course that will teach children how to make healthy food choices by choosing fresh ingredients. The Food Day School Curriculum offers lessons designed to teach children the importance of eating real, fresh food; cutting back on processed foods; and advocating for a healthier community. Their curriculum and supporting materials can be downloaded from their website and can be incorporated into any classroom.

This Food Day Curriculum was combined with food preparation and tasting and was offered at Cedar Hill Elementary School in Rhode Island in 2012 for children ages 8-12 by Sprouts. It ran as a 6 week program that provided students with an understanding of where food comes from, how to navigate through their environment and how to make positive changes to the food environment in their community. It was very successful in exposing children to new food and food combinations and teaching them how to make good choices at home.

Additional Food Day programs can be found on their website at