Mission & Vision

The mission of Sprouts is to help children to grow up with a healthy relationship with food. We all need to eat and it should be fun to prepare, taste good and feel good eating it. We want to take the stress out of eating healthy. We want to help families enjoy meals together that are made together from fresh ingredients. We want to make healthy eating and cooking fun for all. We want kids to grow up feeling good about themselves and take ownership of what they eat. We feel that if we give kids the tools to be successful, healthy individuals, they will be successful in making good food choices, enjoying the food they eat  and ultimately feeling good about themselves.

We can’t do it alone. That’s why we’ve created this online resource for parents and kids to learn the basics of eating healthy. We hope you will use the tools we’ve created, the resources we’ve shared and anything that might be useful in helping children succeed in eating healthy and feeling good.

We are on a mission and we want to grow. We hope to some day have an actual center for families to go to gain the skills needed to succeed ever further. There will be cooking classes and workshops for all age groups to get new ideas or just learn about cooking, nutrition, dietary concerns and how to stay healthy. There will be an hourly drop-off daycare center for parents to focus on menu planning and grocery shopping. There will be a small cafe serving light snacks and beverages so parents can relax, have a cup of coffee and browse a selection of recipe books to get inspired and meal plan. We will offer a selection of products for children and parents focused on healthy eating and cooking.

Sprouts was launched in spring of 2012 as a pilot nutrition program in preschool and elementary school settings. The vision for Sprouts is to connect children and families with food resources and tools they can use to grow health and happiness in their lives.